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Personal Loans

Benefits of a personal loan from licensed money lenders

  • You don’t have to wait more than a week for loan approvals.
  • Zero restrictions on where you use the funds from the loan. You can use it on your vehicle repairs, wedding expenses, housing loans, renovation loans, bank credit card expenses or just plain shopping!
  • Zero securities and collaterals required. Licensed loan agencies offer unsecured loans which are capped 6 times your salary.
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Loan stacking or additional loan

You are able to apply for an additional loan even when you have an ongoing loan. There are times when we have emergencies and we require a small amount to settle them.

  • You can apply for an extension loan with the same interest rate that allows you to repay both loans at the same time and tenure.
  • Repayment convenience and faster loan applications
  • Monthly repayments with different loan tenures are offered to reduce your financial burdens
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Refinancing availability
  • When your loan tenure is ending, you may be able to apply for another loan with a higher loan principal and longer tenure.
  • Stretch your loan with the same repayment amount and lessen your debt commitments and burdens!
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    How do I know you are not a scam?

    We work with licensed money lenders that are legal, monitored and regulated by the Ministry of Law Registry of Moneylenders. Beware of loans that are approved and disbursed through the phone or online! These are scams or unlicensed moneylenders! Licensed money lenders are not allowed to advertise via text messages or phone calls. A fully online loan transaction is also not allowed, and licensed moneylenders must meet borrowers at an approved place of business to verify their identities before granting loans.

    Why apply for a personal loan with licensed money lenders?

    A personal loan is cash that is usually used for personal expenses such as; paying off your bank credit card bills, home renovation, family expenses, purchasing lifestyle devices, vehicle car loan, preparing for a vacation, wedding deposits, medical emergencies or any miscellaneous spendings. Personal loans are unsecured loans that do not require any collateral or security. Furthermore, banks usually require one to two weeks of credit review before they approve your loan.  With legal money lenders, borrowers may receive their approval within 15 minutes and collect cash on the same day!

    What are the repayment terms?

    There are several loan packages and flexible plans to choose from. Depending on your financial situation, the loan representative will best describe a loan repayment plan for your desired loan amount and budget. Repayments are usually monthly which is used to pay off your principal amount and interest.

    Do I need a good credit score?

    You don’t need a good credit score with banks to apply for a personal loan in Singapore. Unlike banks, you can have a bad credit score to loan from a licensed money lender. 

    What details or documents do I need to provide online?

    You don’t need to provide many details during the online loan application, our team will contact you personally to assess your financial situation

    How long do I have to wait for an approval?

    You don’t have to wait for a week for loan approvals, our partner licensed money lenders will provide an in-principle loan approval within an hour so you don’t have to waste your time!

    Our loan application is 24 hours so you can apply anytime, anywhere!